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Next INForm web meeting, on 28 JAN 2023…

We missed November meeting in view of our preoccupation with ISNCON 2022. Glad ‘Interventional Nephrology’ was given good space, inspite of the hectic schedule of the conference.
DEC INForm meeting  was held on 30th December at 8 PM. This time, it was a Friday instead of Saturday, to facilitate New Year celebration. 
Theme of the meeting: ’Flow’ matters in ‘AVF’. Focus was  on ‘High flow AV Fistula’. Although we are often obsessed with > 250 ml/mt  AVF flow, higher need not always be better!  Having known about problems of high flow AVFs, its true that we are not as much familiar as we are with low flow AVFs. Issues like, definition of high flow, measurement of AVF flow, indication for intervention and flow reduction techniques were discussed at length. Dr. Ajay Singh described the basics of flow measurement by USG Doppler and demonstrated the techniques with great clarity. Management of high flow was discussed by Dr.Manish Rathi.  More importantly, the scope of Interventional Nephrologist in diagnosis and treatment of this interesting problem was addressed. He demonstrated a minimally invasive procedure which can be safely done by Nephrologist.  Dr.Ravindra Madraki, Bijapur and Dr.Rajarajan, Trichy  chaired the session and shared their experiences. There was active discussion on limitations of the doppler measurement and the safety concerns of the ‘Banding procedure’ by the members. In spite of being a working day, Dr.Vandana Niyyar and Dr.Adrian joined the meeting from US.


The videos of the DEC 2022 meeting

Introduction of the speakers and the topics

AVF flow measurement by USG/Doppler

Banding high flow AVF – an innovation

High Flow AV Fistula – Panel discussion 

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