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First Interventional Nephrology Webinar

The need for interaction and  sharing of knowledge between Indian nephrologists practising Interventions was a long felt need. Limited number of training centres and lack of formal  accredition procedures in the country have made learning very difficult. With encouragement from like minded seniors like Dr. Hemant Mehta and  Dr.Sampath kumar,  I arranged for a webinar in short notice. On 18-06- 2020,  topics covering Cathlab Interventions, Tunnelled catheter, PD Catheter and AVF were discussed. It was a great success with huge attendance. This was the foundation for creating an ongoing Forum with a website.

INForm – Interventional Nephrology Forum – with a website evolved at the end of the meeting. 

J.Balasubramaniam MD DM FRCP FASN

Kidney Care Centre, Galaxy Hospitals

Tirunelveli, India

It's time Nephrologists enter Cathlab!  - Dr.J.Balasubramaniam

Tunnelled Catheter Insertion - 'Tips to avoid Troubles" -

AVF by Nephrologists - Issues and solutions' - Dr.Vel Aravind


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