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INForm Webmeeting – 28 AUG 2021

August Inform meeting was very successful and theme of the meeting was ‘PD catheter placement by nephrologist’. There were two young speakers Dr Adhil and Dr Vishal who demonstrated the PD catheter placement by nephrologist. Senior nephrologists with vast experience in CAPD  joined as panelists – Prof. Georgi Abraham from Chennai, Dr. Tarun Jeloka from Pune, Dr. Lalithaksha Kumbar from Detroit, USA, Dr.Adrian Sequeira, MD, Shreveport, LA and Dr. Sanjeev Gulati from Delhi.

Following the wonderful presentations by the speakers, Dr Georgi Abraham demonstrated his ‘make in India’ PD Catheter, a great offering to the developing countries and the advantages of this affordable catheter. The panel discussion was informative and engaged the audience thoroughly. There  were useful tips and ideas from Dr N Gopalakrishnan, Director of nephrology, Madras medical College,  Dr Suganya, Pediatric Nephrologist from Chennai and Dr Velaravind, senior Interventional Nephrologist from Trichy.

Having discussed simple and safe method of percutaneous insertion using peel away catheter, we will move onto more specific issues in catheter placement in the future.  

The videos of the AUG 2021 meeting

Faculty and topic Introduction 

USG Guiding for PD Catheter placement

PD Catheter by Nephrologist

‘Make in India’ PD Catheter

Panel discussion and Q&A session


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