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INForm May web meeting was held on 28th May 2021, 8 pm

INForm May meeting

INForm May meeting was held on 20th May 2021.Two interesting talks on ‘TIPS for prolonged life of Tunnelled Catheters’ and ‘Renal Transplant USG/Doppler by Nephrologist – Clinico-sonological Correlation’ were delivered by Prof. R. Kasi Visweswaran and Dr. S. Vel Aravind.  More significantly this meeting was chaired by renowned Interventional Nephrologist  Dr. Hemant Mehta from Mumbai and Dr. Abhilash Koratala, the one and only Nephro-Sonologist from Division of Nephrology, Wisconsin University, USA.

The meeting was very stimulating and was  well attended. Presentations and discussions lasted more than 2 hours, much more than than the planned time. The recordings are available in the website.

Tips for  long life of Tunnelled Catheter

Transplant Kidney USG by Nephrologist – Clinico sonological correlations


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