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Interventional Nephrology has come a long way – from a fringe group of Nephrologists trying to do interventions themselves, to an established, subspecialty over the years. It is still peculiar, as it has no definite boundaries or proper guidelines and most interventionalists are only self taught. All these lead to longer learning curve and vulnerability to criticism. Although the International Society of Nephrology(ISN), Indian Society of Nephrology, American Society for Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN) and initiatives like AVATAR are doing the best to promote this much needed field, there are no ongoing continuous training programs in India. This forum, INFORM, if groomed well, can look up to fill up some of the gaps!  

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Forthcoming INForm meeting is on 30 October 2021 8 - 9.30 pm

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Dear friends,

Let’s meet again in the INForm meeting scheduled for 24th September 8 pm. Please mark the date and time. We have very interesting presentations , relevant to day to day practice. The theme – ‘Plumbing works in Nephrology’

With Tunnelled Catheter insertion  becoming daily affair, bleeding from Tunnel is not uncommon. Dr.Adrian would be demonstrating bolstering dressing of the tunnel to arrest bleeding.

Post renal biopsy bleeding can be unnerving to any Nephrologist. Dr. Senguttuvan Pandian and Venkatesh Rajkumar would be describing a novel percutaneous method to arrest the bleeding.

Declotting dialysis catheters and managing thrombosed fistulas are increasingly entering into the realm of Nephrology practice. With many TPA options available, we need better understanding of the different anticoagulants and  Dr. Gireesh would deep dive and tell us how to select the appropriate molecule. 

Prof. Kasi Visweswaran and Dr. K.Samapathkumar are the guests of honour and have graciously agreed to chair and share their experiences.

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The videos of the AUG 2022 meeting.

Introduction of the speakers and the topics

Buttonhole cannulation for Hemodialysis

Temporary dialysis catheter insertion – Novel variation

Discussion on Central Vein Stenosis – some issues

The videos of the May 2022 meeting.

Introduction of the speakers and the topics

Mechanical complications of PD

Review of PD related Pleural effusion

An Unusual PD Catheter related complication


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