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Interventional Nephrology has come a long way – from a fringe group of Nephrologists trying to do interventions themselves, to an established, subspecialty over the years. It is still peculiar, as it has no definite boundaries or proper guidelines and most interventionalists are only self taught. All these lead to longer learning curve and vulnerability to criticism. Although the International Society of Nephrology(ISN), Indian Society of Nephrology, American Society for Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN) and initiatives like AVATAR are doing the best to promote this much needed field, there are no ongoing continuous training programs in India. This forum, INFORM, if groomed well, can look up to fill up some of the gaps!  

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Next INForm web meeting, on 26 Feb 2022… 

Dear friends,

Our next INForm meeting is scheduled for 26-02-22, last Saturday of the month as usual. Dr. Vandana Niyyar, present President of ASDIN along with  Dr. Manish Rathi, PGIMER,  Chandigarh and Dr.Padmanabhan, SRM Medical College, Chennai would be the Chairpersons moderating and giving their expert comments.

Agenda –
1. Body Fluid Status assessment by Ultrasonogram – an useful tool managing critically ill patients. Demonstration of of the technique and its uses in clinical Nephrology practice. Presenter – Dr. Abhilash Koratalla .
2. Dr. E.T Arun Thomas would present his data on use of Integrated Lung/IVC USG for dry weight estimation.

3. Dr.Vineet Behera would demonstrate a novel technique to elongate the tunnel and manage extruded cuff of a TC.

Zoom link for the INFORM meeting Scheduled on 29.1.22 -8Pm-9.30Pm

Meeting ID: 860 4415 6629
Passcode: INFORM

Please keep Saturday evening free.

The videos of the Jan 2022 meeting.

Introduction and Dr. Rajapurkar’s  Message 

Body Fluid assessment by Lung Ultrasonogram

 Arterial puncture for AVF Angio/Interventions

Renal Artery Interventions – some issues…

 Discussion by panelist and audience 

The videos of the November 2021 meeting.

Introduction and Dr. RK Sharma’s  Message 

Dr. Vel Arvind on hand held Ultrasonogram

Dr. Abhilash on hand held Ultrasonogram

Dr. Aakash Shingada on ‘Coke’ to ‘Choke’ the bleed

 Discussion by panelist and audience 

The videos of the October 2021 meeting.

Welcome and Dr. Anil Agarwal’s address

Setting up an Angiolab for AVF Interventions

           ‘Band – It’ to ‘Fix – It’.            Dealing with high flow AVF

Fistula Blues…

The videos of the September 2021 meeting.

Welcome and Dr. Rana’s address

AVF by Nephrologists

Travails of an  interventional Nephrologist

Skills beyond boundaries…

Safe peritoneal puncture… 

The videos of the August 2021 meeting.

Faculty and topic Introduction 

USG Guiding for PD Catheter placement

PD Catheter by Nephrologist

‘Make in India’ PD Catheter

Panel discussion and Q&A session

The videos of the July 2021 meeting.

Meeting Introduction and Dr.Anilas’ session 

Renal Biopsy – ‘Gunning for the Diagnosis’ 

‘Tips to Practice’ session. Alcohol saves catheters

Panel discussion and Q&A session

The videos of the June 2021 meeting.

Meeting Introduction and ‘Tips to Practice’ session 

Managing Blocked  Catheters

Vascular Mapping for AV Fistula

Discussion – Mapping for AV Fistula


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