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Interventional Nephrology has come a long way – from a fringe group of Nephrologists trying to do interventions themselves, to an established, subspecialty over the years. It is still peculiar, as it has no definite boundaries or proper guidelines and most interventionalists are only self taught. All these lead to longer learning curve and vulnerability to criticism. Although the International Society of Nephrology(ISN), Indian Society of Nephrology, American Society for Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology (ASDIN) and initiatives like AVATAR are doing the best to promote this much needed field, there are no ongoing continuous training programs in India. This forum, INFORM, if groomed well, can look up to fill up some of the gaps!  

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Next INForm web meeting, on 25 JUN 2022… 

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Our next INForm meeting is scheduled for 25-06-22, last Saturday of the month as usual. Dr. Hemant Mehta and  Dr. Valentine Lobo leading luminaries of Interventional Nephrology scene in India would be the Chairpersons moderating and giving their expert comments.

Please find the invitation, agenda and the link for the forthcoming meeting on 25 June at 8 pm.

With hemodialysis population getting larger by the day, problem of vascular access is looming large in front of us.  With increasing survival of hemodialysis population, time and again we get issues of multiple access failures and there are occasions we run out of ideas to offer solutions to these patients. With our endeavor to get the leadership position in access creation and maintenance, comes the responsibility to learn, innovate and sharpen our skills. In this month meeting, Dr. Girish Reddy of Bangalore and team is describing a novel method to create an access and give a lease of life for some of these unfortunate patients.  Dr. Brinda Desiraju, from Brooklyn is joining the meeting as a guest. Please join and contribute.

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